School Schedule Planner(Python + Flask + MongoDB)

A website that allows students to plan out there schedules by dragging classes on to there semester schedules.  Built on an ember.js frontend, RESTful bottle api, and mongDB.  Built in a group of 6 for school project over a 3 week period.  Source code on github.


FTP Client/Server(Python)

Terminal client and server application written in python.  Allows directory listing, uploading, and downloading.  Source code on github.


Secure ATM Client/Server (Python)

Terminal ATM client and server.  Uses the Diffie–Hellman key exchange to establish a secure session key to encrypt communication between the client and server.  The client is then prompted with a login and after successfully logging in is able to view balances, view transaction history, make withdrawals and deposits.  A video explanation and demo can be found below and the source code is on github.


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