Umbraco Models Builder

“A tool that can generate a complete set of strongly-typed published content models for Umbraco. Models are available in controllers, views, anywhere. Runs either from the Umbraco UI, from the command line, or from Visual Studio.”


Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a cloud based database offering from Microsoft.




SQL Database options and performance: Understand what’s available in each service tier –

Azure SQL Database: Built-in Backups vs Import/Export –

Control Flow Diagram (CFD)

A digram to describe the control flow of a business process, process or review.  Can be helpful in designing white-box test cases.

File:Performance seeking control flow diagram.jpg



C# Tools




[1] –

[2]  -

Degree of Coverage

When a coverage-related testing goal is expressed as a percent.


The group aimed to have at least a 90% degree of coverage on the project.



  • Last in first out (LIFO)
  • Basic operations: Enqueue, Dequeue, Peek
  • Can be implemented with a linked nodes,  array, or two stacks.





Time Complexities

ASP.NET Developer

Recommended Reading for developing in ASP.NET
Below is a list of recommended reading for developers in ASP.NET to fully master the framework.
Understanding ASP.NET View State

.NET does a pretty good job of obscuring the details behind the view state so when starting out you won’t have to worry about it.   However when things are not working as expected having a background knowledge into the view state architecture will be crucial.
ASP.NET State Management Overview

An overview to the different methods of providing state in .NET.

ASP.NET Web Page Resources Overview